Youth Mentoring and Leadership Academy 2018


This year we were able to take 15 members of the PSAL Mentorship program to the Youth mentoring and Leadership Academy in Valencia, CA.

Mentor and Leadership training for the members was coordinated by EduCare and their ACE program.  The ACE (Achievement and Commitment to Excellence) Program is a comprehensive student success and character building program designed to empower middle and high school students to achieve excellence in personal, social and academic pursuits.

The overall goal and theme for this year was to empower our youth leaders to go out into their communities with the knowledge to coordinate and lead other youth in performing valuable community service projects to enhance their local communities. In addition, they learned that being a leader can win the cooperation of their peer groups and motivate others to be more effective and positive in their lives.

In the afternoons, the members spent time at Six Flags Magic Mountain which, believe it or not, turned into more team building between our mentorship members. Check out our pictures below. All of our members meet new people, formed new relationships, worked on old relationships and have expressed they would love to go again next year.